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Trimline Treadmills

Trimline TreadmillsAmerican Trimline started out in 1994 with one simple aim – to offer top-quality, user-friendly treadmills at affordable prices. It hasn’t taken long for Trimline to become a very popular treadmill choice, much thanks to their high-quality components and proven durability, and it is now one of the world’s top selling mid-priced treadmill brands. The Trimline range now also includes elliptical trainers but that’s as far as they have branched from concentrating on treadmills as their speciality.

A good range of treadmills is on offer with a model to suit everyone, beginning fitness enthusiasts and elite athletes alike. All models are equipped with durable, industrial strength motors that are designed to run smoother, quieter and with less vibration than any motor in its class. On most models the motor is backed by a full 30 year warranty. Other features found on Trimline treadmills are good-sized running decks with advanced cushioning and heavy gauge steel frames for added stability and durability.

The foldable models come with the exclusive Softdrop technology which allows you to lower the running deck safely and easily from the upright storage position.

Trimline treadmills include:

Trimline T315 Treadmill
Trimline T335HR Treadmill
Trimline T355HR Treadmill
Trimline T370HR Treadmill
Trimline T380LC Treadmill
Trimline 7150 Treadmill
Trimline 7600SS Treadmill
Trimline 7800 Treadmill

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