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Refurbished treadmills

Buying a refurbished treadmill can be a great way of getting hold of a good quality home or commercial treadmill for a lower price than you would have paid for it brand new.

Treadmills get refurbished when they are returned shortly after purchase due to minor cosmetic damage or functionality problems. The item will be repaired - though scratches or minor dents may remain - and often sold via the original or a specialist retailer at cheap prices.


Tips for buying a refurbished treadmill

Trust is everything so be sure to consider:

  • The seller's reputation and customer reviews
  • Asking whether it was refurbed due to cosmetic or functional problems
  • What was refurbished on the treadmill
  • Who refurbished the treadmill: the manufacturer, an approved repairer or the seller
  • If the seller does refurbishing whether they use certified engineers
  • If any warranties/guarantees are supplied with the refurbished treadmill

Also make sure you know the difference between refurbished and reconditioned treadmills as there is a big difference and you aren't buying the same thing.


Where to find refurbished treadmills for sale

Please note: we do not endorse any of the sites listed below and take no responsibility for their content.

Often features good range of refurbished home and commercial treadmills from brands such as Precor, Life Fitness, Nordic Track and more from top rated sellers.

Restyle Fitness
A reasonable selection of refurbished Horizon, NordicTrack and Proform treadmills are available from this retailer.

Inspire Fitness
Inspire Fitness specialise in selling well-discounted refurbished BH Fitness treadmills.

Gym Company
Here you'll find refurbished high-specification and commercial Life Fitness and Precor treadmills for sale with free delivery and finance options.


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