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Reconditioned treadmills

If you're looking for a cheap or a high specification treadmill for a great price then you might want to consider buying a reconditioned treadmill - that is, one which has been previously used but 'made good' for sale.

Commercial gyms, businesses and other organisations will often lease treadmills and when the lease has expired the equipment will be returned to the supplier, stripped down, cleaned, have its worn parts (e.g. motor and belt) completely replaced and then tested before being sold on with a discount that reflects its status.

This can prove to be a great way for individuals, smaller gyms or business to get hold of some decent kit without spending too much.


Things to remember when buying a reconditioned treadmill

It is possible to find some superb bargains but do be sure to check a few things out first so you can be confident you aren't simply buying a used, non-reconditioned treamill.

  • Find out about more about your seller: what is their reputation like and where do they get the equipment from
  • Ask if they know if treadmill was in full working order before being reconditioned
  • Ask what parts are usually replaced during reconditioning and whether this happened with the treadmill you are enquiring about
  • Check who refurbished the treadmill: the manufacturer, an approved repairer or the seller
  • Get the seller to tell you their testing process and confirm the treadmill you are interested in was inspected
  • See if a warranty/guarantee is supplied with the treadmill - it's not uncommon to get a 3 months parts and warranty - and ask if there are any extended warranty options available

Also make sure you know what a refurbished treadmill is as they are different from each other.


Where to buy reconditioned treadmills

Please note: we do not endorse any of the sites listed below and take no responsibility for their content.

In & Out Fitness
Suppliers of used and reconditioned gym fitness equipment.

Ultimate Fitness
Ultimate Fitness has a range of reconditioned Life Fitness, Powerjog, Precor, Star Trac and Technogym commercial treadmills


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